We are brand

MBSY is a new sales and brand consultancy based in Cologne, Germany. Founded by well established professionals, our goal is nothing less but to change the game. If your brand is facing the decision between having own sales force or independent reps, we give you the option that didn‘t exist before! We combined the best of both worlds, infused it with a digitalization strategy and created a new level of brand representation service. Your brand MBSY!

We believe in

In the last 12 years we implemented new ways of performing sales, within being employed area- or country managers for brands such as Carl Hansen & Søn, Fritz Hansen, Muuto, Arper and BuzziSpace.

Now we enter the field on our own, with the goal to further establish our new way of business, communication and collaboration.

We are the first agency to offer sales management services in the whole of Germany, you will get the same service all across the country. But even better, we expanded our services to Austria and Switzerland. Your peers will get the same brand experience in Berlin, Zurich, Munich or Vienna.


Full service sales management

We cover your entire operations in Germany, from developing the dealer structure, recommending for further channels to training dealer staff or organizing bespoke marketing events and bonding A/D trips to your headquarters.

We are consultants

We look at the individuality of your brand, design the right sales- and brand strategy for the German market. We develop marketing plans and propose the right stakeholders to partner up with.  

We are your brand ambassadors

We happily introduce your brand to our nation wide network of top class architects and consultants. We know who are the right dealers for you and they listen to us. We use digital channels along with bespoke live experiences.

We are business developers

Contract business is in our DNA, we won‘t be waiting for business to knock on our door, we will be the ones who develop your projects together with our architect-, dealer and B2B network.

Talk to us!

You can book a meeting with us at the push of a button