Welcome to the Lab. Our playground. Our place to explore what’s beyond pure sales and old school marketing.
The Lab is our internal unit to create Branding Strategies, Communication and even Products.
There are no limits here!

From stragtegy to creativity, we love to collaborate with international clients in order to help them getting
a grip on the German Market. Since we’re all Sales People, anything that we do shall be aligned with our commercial goals and linked to the global strategic guideline of our clients. We make sure always to stay on brand while using our local knowledge and the incredible synergy that is created through MBSY.

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Hi, my name is Markus. I am the founder, CEO and Creative Director of MBSY™. 2020 I outsourced my team and myself out of BuzziSpace. In the furniture industry I developed markets for Arper, Muuto and Carl Hansen & Søn. 

Before that I explored the fashion business and worked in an advertising agency. 

I have a strong passion for branding and to me commercial success is directly connected to a consistent brand identity and value system. 

Challenging the status is my favorite thing. The world is changing dynamically and nothing is like it used to be a couple of years ago – so why should your go-to-market approach be the same like it has always been?

We can help you to define a modern GTM and even more. Let’s have a coffee together and figure out how we can grow your business. 

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